"I'll definitely whip this out the next time I head down to [Carnegie] Mellon."

About Mapyst

Mapyst provides navigation and other useful information about the Carnegie Mellon campus. Utilizing data from building floor plans, Google Maps, and GPS, we guide you to your destination as fast as possible. The app is especially useful for new students, visitors, and others who are unfamiliar with the campus. Another great feature is an indicator telling you whether dining locations, athletic facilities, stores, and other places are open or closed.

Open Source

Mapyst is now an open source project hosted on Github. This makes it possible for others to make a similar application for other campuses. If you would like to bring the application to your campus, let us know. We may be able to help you collect the data and understand how everything works.


Step by Step

Mapyst shows you each step to take whether they are inside or outside over building floor plans and Google Maps.

Custom Routes

You can customize your route to prefer elevators, stairs, indoors, outdoors, or even restrict your route to handicapped accessible paths.

Campus Info

The application also contains a list of popular locations on campus and information about them such as operating hours.